Mount Barracks? (or Mount Chipotle?)

So you guys know that huge snow mountain right next to the Chipotle in the Barracks Road Shopping Center? Well, just like almost every celebrity and pop-culture icon today, that mountain has its own Facebook fan page, as I learned earlier today.

The Facebook page (which already has 1,785 fans at the time of this post) refers to the mountain as Mt. Barracks, although many others like to call it Mt. Chipotle. Either way, it’s crazy. UVa graduate students actually measured the mountain at 39.758 feet tall, according to the page. And get this: not only does the mountain have its own FB fan page, but it also has its own official blog, entitled “Mount Chipotle National Research Observatory.” And that blog is EXTRA official. One fan, A.J. Maher, also posted a link to his aerial survey of the mountain, which contains some crazy pictures of the mountain from the air (which can be seen later in this post).

Mt. Barracks, Mt. Chipotle, The Ice Mountain at Barracks Road, Mt. Fuji on Barracks… whatever you want to call it, there’s one fact that’s not debatable: “it’s still big as hell and deserves a page,” as is so eloquently expressed on the fan page. And I agree. No one is exactly sure when the larger-than-life snow mountain will melt, but it will always live on in the hearts and minds of both UVa students and Charlottesville residents.

(Check out some pictures from A.J. Maher’s aforementioned aerial survey after the jump.)


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5 Responses to Mount Barracks? (or Mount Chipotle?)

  1. pr0go says:

    LMAO…its always been my dream to climb a mountain. and put a flag at the top. So look out for Pee-Wee randomly at the top. Photographic evidence will be provided. Funny piece.

  2. Joshua Adams says:

    I say we all climb it. Race to the Summit!………. or whatever Lupe called it. lol

  3. Rev.R says:

    Haha, that thing is turning black from all the dirt now…that’d be a crazy climb.

  4. D. Hud says:

    Lol let’s do it… I’m down!

  5. pr0go says:

    I’m climbing it this weekend. Im making a pee-wee flag. Any takers?

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