Grad Fad: A series on applying to grad school

the hug is great and all...but now what?

As of last week, I finished the grad school application process that technically began a year-ago. All the apps are in and “under review”, so all I am doing is waiting to hear back from my schools. Since I have all this all-knowing information, it would be great to share what I, and many others can say about the process.

The series will focus on goals, the entrance test, pressure and expectations, financing, the blind areas that no one warns you about etc.

I applied to a specific graduate program that demanded the GRE route. However, as part of the series, there will be guest-bloggers who will also be covering the law and medical school aspect of the process. Also there’ll be feedback from those on application committees, as well as older (and wiser) UVa grads who can look back with that 20/20 hindsight. I have to emphasize that this deals solely with the application process . I don’t know what happens after.  If there are any parts of the process you’d like me to focus on, just comment or send an email to

It’s a fad. With the way the job market is looking, Grad school seems to be the place to go.  Look out for the different parts of the series in the upcoming weeks.

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  1. Rev.R says:

    This is great P. I look forward to the series!

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