And then there were ten…*

As you know from That’s Wassup, the blog (and Twitter) and word of mouth, the switch.crew has been recruiting.

Honestly, when we sent the word out that we were expanding, we didn’t expect many applications. As in, who the hell are we to ask for apps to be in an organization? This is no UJC, nor Honor (where you have to take a test), nor Alt Spring Break (app + interview). We recognize that…and the fact that y’all are lazy.

But we wanted to really see the ingenuity, skill and creativity of those who wanted to be apart of switch. So not only were we were surprised by the number of applications we received, but also the caliber. We laughed, cried, frowned, (fill in blank), etc., but mostly we were in awe.

My point… as of yesterday, we added six new members to the switch.crew. I wish that we could show you their apps, because they are works of art by themselves, and would deserve their own blog posts. Some of the members will be more magazine-centric, and others blog-centric. All are extremely talented… almost as talented as us… let’s not push it. The current switch.crew, as you know it, are all fourth-years. We just picked our future. So, as you can guess, this was no small task.

So next week, after logistics (and initiation), you’ll get to meet the new members of the switch.crew. I can say that we are EXTREMELY DIVERSE (in all senses of the word), and (finally) the levels of estrogen match the levels of testosterone. Expect large personalities with strong opinions, artistic gods and more great stuff.

…and then there were ten!

*movie buffs will understand the reference (1965)

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