Snow or Nukes?! (Snow Days)

So for all of us in C’Ville you know everyone in town decided to panic last night because there is supposed to be heavy snow in the area all weekend. Now my roommates and I made a trip to the store last night because we actually need a few things; for the record 2 of us are New Yorkers, 1 of us is clutch enough to drive 5 hours through the snow to Richmond and 1 of us just doesn’t care about peer pressure.

But, why did we make it to the store at 9:30pm and all of the shelves were EMPTY?! Don’t believe it? Well one of my boys made a run to the store last night and recorded the experience. Truthfully people are going crazy over this snow, its not the end of the world and UVA and Charlottesville have been getting better at cleaning up during and after the snow. Anyways check out these “4AM Teeter Run” videos.

4AM Teeter Run (Part 1)

4AM Teeter Run (Part 2)

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