Facebook Trend: Celebrity look-a-like?! Don’t flatter yourself.

Your celebrity look-a-like does NOT look like YOU!

I’m sure a lot of people will think I’m being a hater after this one but, maybe some will get some sense knocked into them. I don’t know who or exactly when this trend started but for the past week people on Facebook have fallen victim to the new trend of finding a celebrity look-a-like. Why? No really why are you doing this?!

Hov said it best…people love ignorance and hate when you try to give them some truth.

This is that ignorant $#!^ you like
-i’gnant ish here–
C’mon, I got that ignorant $#!^ you love
-i’gnant ish here–
C’mon, I got that ignorant $#!^ you need
-i’gnant ish here–
I’m only trying to give you what you want
-i’gnant ish here– you like it don’t front

I’ve come to think most people’s answer comes down to the fact that its fun, its interesting, or someone had it in their status update. Okay, so what that means is a percentage of the Facebook population was so bored with their lives or had nothing better to occupy their time. My real problem is this, I have yet to see anyone who actually and truthfully looks like their celebrity twin. Moreover, a part of this new trend is to post a celebrity’s picture to your Facebook Profile whom you’ve been said to resemble…okay fair enough. But, how truthful do you believe someone was when they told you hey you look like…Denzel Washington. For black men the Denzel and Will Smith look-a-like statement is usually a line and I mean that people say it to gas you up because truthfully you don’t look like Will Smith. Will Smith’s sons look like him…and you look like your Dad. Seriously when was the last time your birth mother or other close and trusted family member told you baby you look like Will Smith! NEVER.

So Rev. R’s message…is stop flattering yourselves people because if you really looked like the celebrity you claimed to be #1 why aren’t you making money like them? #2 You might look like them but I bet all the Jay-Z, Kanye West, and Rihanna wannabes couldn’t match their fly on ANY day. #3 Facebook trends are whack and this one is especially whack. There’s some of y’all out there who NEVER change your profile picture and keep the awesome one from that party 3 years ago…and now you gotta jock a celeb and mess with people’s heads! #4 If you really do somehow resemble your celebrity look-a-like its probably because you went out and got the RiRi-haircut or Cassie’s half-shaved head. I mean think about it, how many young black women have gone with the short-blond hair look?!

Ok I’m done. I think for the sake of your feelings don’t talk about your celebrity look-a-like around me. At best I’ll make a face at you…at worst I’ll tell you the truth. I’M GOIN’ IN!

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One Response to Facebook Trend: Celebrity look-a-like?! Don’t flatter yourself.

  1. Nersh says:

    LOL…hilarious post…however I am guilty of choosing a Doppleganger, I must say. It’s amusing to see what people come up with. Though I must disagree with you on one point and say that I have definently seen a couple who actually more than favored their celeb…I had to do a double take! Rare, but definently creepy.

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