Vote Evan Shields for Student Council VPO!

Evan Shields, a second-year student here at the University, recently announced his candidacy for the office of Student Council Vice President for Organizations.

As a member of the Jefferson Literary & Debating Society, B.E.A.T.S., University Singers, and Second-Year Council, Evan is already very involved in groups and activities here in the University. What he hopes to do as the StudCo VPO, however, is to “ensure StudCo does its very best to help YOU enrich your lives within the groups you love.”

Knowing Evan personally, I can truly say that he is a candidate that will do his job to the best of his ability, and will do everything he can to institute the changes that are necessary.

As for the reason that he’s running for this office, here’s what he has to say:

At the University we all have one thing in common — we’re here to learn! But the beauty of UVa is that our lives outside the classroom become just as enriched as the knowledge we gain within it. We connect with other students, and join and form organizations where we turn our shared passions and experiences into new realities.

The issues we face are many and complex: a helpful but elusive Appropriations process, a fresh CIO Consultants group, yet a dire need to add CIOs to StudCo’s conversations. But with creative ideas and sound solutions we can overcome these issues together. As your next VPO my call to action will be to ensure StudCo does its very best to help YOU enrich your lives within the groups you love.

Make sure to become a fan of the Facebook page for his campaign, and show him your support in the upcoming elections!


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