Independent Flim: BRUSHSTROKES by Stefan Dezil

Check out this silent film, it was brought to my attention a few weeks ago and I enjoyed it a lot. I’ve included some words from the director below and after the drop my feelings on the film.

A silent film about allowing sexual desire to take you on a journey.

Now there might be a conflict of interest here because the director of this film is my cousin, Stefan Dezil, but clearly fresh and innovative thinking runs in the family! Seriously now, I’ve never watched a silent film before but I could become a big fan if they are all this vivid and fresh. The director, Stefan Dezil, is an undergraduate in his sophomore year at Carnegie Mellon University, currently enrolled in the Drama program with a concentration in Acting & Directing. In the director’s words, this is his first film, the first work he is ready to release to the world and claim as his own…granted that at this stage in his career exposure to the world is limited but that won’t be a problem for very long. Although we grew-up together, Dezil’s interest talent in acting & film is new to me, he’s always had an artistic inclination but this is its first full manifestation through the process of careful crafting and cultivation of his art…and I’m proud of him.

Should you ever meet this young man you will instantly recognize his great charisma, the truth, and additionally the knowledge he bears for the profession of acting & directing. We spoke about his latest film Brushstrokes over Christmas dinner and he described the process & purpose he wanted to convey in his silent film. Everything from the slightest twitch of a cheek, bat of eyelashes and music were all carefully selected by Dezil; very few details were overlooked and it shows. I’m excited to see more of his work and I hope everyone feels the same after seeing this silent film.

“The strokes of the brush have never caused such libido…”
(-Stefan Dezil 2009)
Watch it. Feel it. Love it. contact me for more info:

Joe Maddox
Chelsea Lupkin
Jessica Santana
Movie Written and Directed by Stefan Dezil
-Avenue G Productions

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