Ode: Black Women at UVa

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Last week, pr0go wrote a post entitled, “Ode: Black Men at UVa,” in which she discussed the things that Black women at UVa love about the Black men at UVa. Too often, we hear what’s bad about the Black men (“girrrrl, these n***as ain’t s**t), so it’s good to have something that casts Black men here in a positive light.

But now, it’s time to look at the other side, in a post that I would like to call, “Ode: Black Women at UVa.”

Like pr0go did with her post, I sent out a mass e-mail, this time to the men:


Recently, switch. did a piece on Black men at UVa, giving some thoughts on what qualities Black men have here at the University. And, since the women already said what they liked about men, it’s our turn to say what we like about them. (Hopefully we can actually think of some things that we like about them lol…) From academics and ambition to love, sex, and dating, you can talk about whatever you want.

In the future, we might do a piece about what we don’t like about UVa Black women, but for now, we want to highlight their qualities, which aren’t discussed as often as they should be.

So have at it, and speak your mind! In a good way, of course.

Hope to hear from you soon,

Just for the record, the part of the e-mail that I wrote in the parentheses was purely a joke. But anyway, I did get a few responses. Most of the men I e-mailed didn’t respond (smh…), but regardless, I still got a pretty good amount of info back. It will, however, all remain confidential.

Before I start with the responses, let me tell you what I personally like about the beautiful African American ladies here:

  1. Ambition – Black women here are some of the most ambitious women you will find. Period. Pretty much every Black woman I’ve had the pleasure of talking to thinks that she could one day rule the world. And honestly, I could see them doing that too. Mainly because of their…
  2. Intelligence – I have yet to meet a dumb girl here at the University. In Lupe Fiasco’s recently leaked song, “I’m Beaming,” he rapped the following: “And baby girl, what does it matter where your purse from? Your hair done, your nails did, your ass fat, but you’re dumb?” That’s definitely not the case at UVa. The University boasts some of the smartest Black females I’ve ever met in my life. But on top of that, they still have…
  3. Beauty – Simply put, most of the Black women here are absolutely beautiful. I’ll keep it real, though: there are a few that, at least in my opinion, don’t really make the cut. As far as attractiveness goes, they could use some help. For the most part, though, the ladies here are fine. And, the best part is that there’s something for everyone. Dark-skinned, light-skinned, middle-skinned, skinny, thick, tall, short, etc… but for the most part, they all stay looking good and fashionable.
  4. Confidence – This is probably the most important to me. If there’s one thing I can’t stand in a girl, it’s when she lacks self-esteem. If she doesn’t like herself, then why should I like her? Beats me. But that’s one thing that I love about most of the women here at UVa. They’re confident in themselves. And that’s crucial.

These thoughts were echoed by the responders, but they had some very good things to add as well. So, without further ado, here’s what the rest of UVa Black men love about the Black women here:

Responder #1:

UVA women are definitely a rare breed. When you think about it that makes sense. Women are different from individual to individual so when you have different countries with different regions, with different cities of women you’re just branching out an infinite number of possibilities with regard to the type of female you’re going to get. Like instead of a box of chocolates you have a box of desserts. Could be chocolate, could be caramel, could be cherry, orange ANYTHING. Then on TOP of that you have the UVA culture which puts a whole different spin on it. But imma stop talkin and get into my list of things I like about UVA women.

1. Goals. DEFINITELY. Whether it be good, bad, happy, risky. Every girl you meet here has some sort of goal. They came here for a purpose, not just because it was the cheapest or they paid the most money. and even if it’s plan B it’s a plan.

2. Intellect. They may not always use it for good but these girls got brains! I like it because it presents a challenge, you not just gone get em because you seem smart and cute. You gotta step up with some REAL ish if you gon get at her.

3. Independence. This one can be pretty debatable if we look at the female population as a whole. But I’d argue there are alot of females who are independent. and I don’t mean like lil Boosie “I-N-D-E-P” (u kno the rest im not typin all that lol) like you know those girls who gon pretend “they dont need a man”. But nah I’m talkin bout those girls who really don’t. The kind that really are happy hangin with they girl friends or friend-zone male friends and just doing them. Won’t stop me from hollerin tho I love that about them

4. Confidence. This one is also debatable but I think most of them are. They aren’t just gonna let you run them over. Now I don’t like the ones that think they gon run ish. But the ones that know they don’t “wear the pants” but aren’t gonna just lie on they’re back. The ones that will pay for themselves and don’t need you to (even tho u will sometimes anyway). The ones you know will be ok if you two break up

5. Variety. I told my dad the first time I got a break 1st yr that i love UVA cuz you could make it any type of school you wanted to. Same thing goes here. You like to dance? they’re are plenty of girls. You like singin? Plenty of girls. Play an instrument? Girls. into sports? Girls. Like in high school your school was always good at one or two things (Our band and basketball team were the ones) so Girls flocked accordingly. Now there’s plenty to go around.

6. Friends. This one you have to find alot of times. But I honestly don’t mind the ones with their group of girls. Why? Because that takes the pressure off. You might wanna go hang with the guys one night. Well she has her girlfriends, so all you gotta do is say that and if you’re relationship is secure she’ll just hang with them and catch up with you tomorrow. NO PROBLEM.

Ok now to some shallower reasons (we’re guys so I gotta do it)

7. Clothes. Now I’m not from NY or ATL or these other fashionable cities so maybe it’s just me, but girls be DRESSIN out here. You can go to a party in big Ts and a fitted if you want! you will get SHUT DOWN. you need a button up just to get a dance out here! But i love it.

8. Fitness. Girls are IN AFC. If you can’t press more than the bar, just go 2 slaughter lol. Girls are in there gettin they body right, and if yours isn’t, you might wanna hit the gym up brothers! Just sayin…

9. Different Shapes and Sizes. There’s a body type for ANYONE out there. If you’re into thick curvy girls, they’re there. If you’re into thin Atheltic girls, they’re there. It’s like a box of chocolates, but you know what you’re gonna get, and that’s ok lol

10. Ratios. Let’s be real. When is the ratio EVER more guys than girls? My guess would be the Men’s Restroom and the BSA Men’s Leadership Breakfast. The school itself has more girls than guys. So just look around and enjoy the numbers!


Responder #2:

This is a tough one to tackle so similar to the responses given on behalf of the black women, I’ll stick to a similar script.

First, to deliver my thoughts on the black women of UVA I start by saying they are women of the finest quality (beautiful & intelligent) so they demand a man of equal or greater standing.

How good? Put it this way, two UVA men go to dinner with UVA Alums and current students. They bring a high school senior with them and suggest he compose himself and be confident, be yourself, be respectful and most importantly be about something, have a life plan ready even if it means discussing your plans for college.

There are good women at UVA but going to a party won’t learn you something like that. I’ve met and befriended my favorite black UVA women through meaningful conversation at events, dates, the BB, walking to class, at lunch/dinner, and many more.

Looks, well like Drake says let’s be HONEST! East African women (ethiopian & eritrean) are so beautiful, I love all y’all! Caribbean women, always! 757 girls, aww man! Northern VA girls (y’all ain’t from DC) but love ya too! Well I sound more like Weezy in Every Girl above but point is we have a nice variety of women at UVA. Wish I had time for all of y’all but this degree comes first!

Now when we do get around to them parties, to quote the late Bernie Mac, “the Lord is my shepherd, he knows what I want!” After a long week of hard work, a few dances with a black woman at a party will loosen you up (so will a good drink or two)! You might not know it but that girl next to you in AAS 1010 can twerk it!

Black women at UVA can cook too but they keep that on the low. Only the best brothers get that treat. And if you haven’t then step ya game up!


Responder #3:

First and foremost, I love our black womens’ spirits and personalities. While they come in many different flavors, many and most share the same characteristic: a great sense of ambition. I have yet to meet a black girl at UVA who has not told me 1) what CIO’s she straight up wants to take over (or create), 2) all of her academic desires and goals, or 3) exactly what she wants to do professionally in the next 5, 10, 15 + years. Not only do I find this awesome, I find it very attractive. I love a woman who knows what she wants out of life, and does not need a man to define her.

However, there is a downside to this: these women are definitely hungry, but success it seems is the only thing that can satiate them. In my past experience, this has kept me from developing relationships (or being able to date) a few. A few of these girls size me up in success immediately, and a few just don’t know exactly what they want. However, I know that underneath that feisty exterior is a sweet, young girl who isn’t quite sure where to go, or what to do.

Physically…yo, straight up, so many black girls at UVA are sexy as hell! Excuse the language, but it must be said. I love their style. Doesn’t matter if its during class, at the gym, at that CIO meeting, or at a party or the club – they know exactly what to wear in every situation to accentuate whatever they have and look great. And many of you females, from the chocolate to the light-skin, are just drop-dead gorgeous, you know who you are! I love the sense of physical standards our black women have…I have yet to meet any skeezers, tricks or the like. They know who they are and are very comfortable with their bodies; they give off the vibe, “you know you better come right with your game and treat me with respect…because I just don’t give it up like that!”

Just one slight constructive negative that I think the women should read before I conclude: I know women have a prerogative, but damn – such a thing exists besides athletes! No offense to my dudes out there playing the field and tearing up the courts for UVA…but I feel so many of our females who do decide to find boyfriends only go to these guys AND NO-ONE ELSE! It’s understandable – the masculinity, the sense of future success. However, there are a lot of great single black guys at UVA out there. Sure, you can have the future Kobe Bryant…but wouldn’t you rather have the future Obama or Quincy Jones (like yours truly). For real, yo.


Responder #4:

i love that they have goals. they know what they want.

i also like that they aren’t chickenheads. i mean i know it’s uva, but there is nothing worse than an educated chickenhead.


As you can see, some of the responders kept it short and sweet. Others gave full out lists of the qualities of Black UVa women. No matter what, though, there is definitely a lot for us to like about the Black women here.



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2 Responses to Ode: Black Women at UVa

  1. pr0go says:

    “i also like that they aren’t chickenheads. i mean i know it’s uva, but there is nothing worse than an educated chickenhead.”

    Best line of the whole post!

    Great post! I loved it. Thanks to D Hud and his “responders” for such a funnay post!!

  2. pr0go says:

    Ya…its me again! I had gotten a response to this post from a female who wanted to add to the Black Male list, so I updated the post. As soon as I did, I saw three more responses in my inbox that were more direct responses to this post…so I see a response post in the works.

    At the same time, feel free to comment. We keep track of the number of people who visit the blog, and the number of responses do not compare to the number of people who roll through everday! Tell us what you think!

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