The Thoughts of Paul Mooney…

So I was scouring the blogosphere this morning when I found an interview with Paul Mooney.


Mooney, who is one of my favorite comedians, voiced his opinions on a lot of things, including why Kanye West is his hero, and why he’s not as thrilled as most Black people are about having a Black President.

He also used the interview as an opportunity to go in on a bunch of people, including Taylor Swift (“she has the complexion for the protection for the collection”), Beyoncé (“that wild horse”), Oprah (“she’s a danger to us… Oprah’s Aunt Jemima with a degree”), and, of course, Tiger Woods (“he’s on steroids… you don’t get that buff playing golf”).

All three parts of the interview can be seen after the jump… and trust me, you don’t wanna skip over this…


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  1. Joshua Adams says:

    loved it.

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