On TV: The Real World DC

For the past few seasons MTV’s classic reality tv show, The Real World has been mediocre in excitement & drama department and fans of The Real World don’t want mediocre, we want unparalleled action! If you watch this show and believe this is “real” then here I pause, and all you to step aside.

This is the true story… of seven strangers… picked to live in a house…work together and have their lives taped… to find out what happens… when people stop being polite… and start getting real…The Real World.

For years, this has been the motto and opening theme to The Real World and in accordance the producers have carefully handpicked seven to eight strangers to live in a house and have done so successfully for 22 seasons, they know what to look for. And yet at times the selected cast has been lame and we all know that the producers pick-and-choose what gets aired therefore the issue is the cast.

Like the motto says, the ideal cast features several different people from across the United States of different race, gender, sexual orientation & sexual experience, religions beliefs and political beliefs and force them into one large and elaborate house in a city. Why? All for the purpose of watching them react, grow, and most importantly debate, argue, fight and make questionable life choices. But the most crucial element to the cast is strong personalities and strong beliefs because the most entertaining cast members are those who refuse to back down from their position and collide with other cast members.

With all that said, no cast has lived up to the billing since season 16 a.k.a The Real World: Austin. Seven seasons later I think the producers have assembled the next hit in the making. I watched the first episode of The Real World: Washington D.C. and I can honestly say this cast is crazy! A cast of eight, an even split between guys and girls with significant attraction between both sides and just enough attraction for viewers to see some one-night stands and hookups early on. In the first episode the cast members managed to start heated debates and discussion over the political, religious, and sexual tendencies of certain roommates, for better or for worse. I definitely saw some unresolved tension after the first meetings and the first dinner, so what’s next because for once I am actually excited to see the next episode…as opposed to watching to pass time.

Tonight episode 2 of The Real World: Washington D.C. airs, watch it!

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