Bye bye, Jim Zorn…

So I’m definitely not a fan of the Washington Redskins. But, living in Virginia, and going to UVa, I know plenty of people that are ‘Skins fans. I still, to this day, don’t understand why anyone would be a fan of the Redskins, but everybody can root for whoever they want to.

Anyway, all Redskins fans should be extremely happy now, as Jim Zorn, the Redskins’ coach for the past two seasons, was fired today. Zorn, who led the Redskins to a 12-20 record over these past two seasons, has been hated on by ‘Skins fans and non-fans alike.

This season, the ‘Skins went 4-12, which was the team’s worst record in 15 years. Pitiful. Their final loss came yesterday to the San Diego Chargers, with a score of 23-20. The Chargers, who had already clinched a playoff spot and were playing their backups as a result, were still good enough to beat the Redskins. Then again, it doesn’t take much these days.

Mike Shanahan, former Super Bowl-winning coach of the Denver Broncos, is said to be the favorite to assume the Redskins’ coaching vacancy.

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2 Responses to Bye bye, Jim Zorn…

  1. Rev.R says:

    Unless Mike Shanahan gets say over all football/player operations this team is not going anywhere. This team hires new coaches gets results over the first 6 games of the first season. Then the new coach and the team then proceeds to fail in epic fashion. So again unless Shanahan is free to bring in an entirely new staff with him (down to the position coaches) there won’t be much change.

    • D. Hud says:

      That’s true… the problem does lie with the management. I’m still glad to see Zorn go, though… even as a Steelers fan, there was something about Zorn’s persona that made me want to punch him in the jaw… not really sure why, though.

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