Bow Wow + Alcohol + Lambo? Bad combination…

Bow Wow, Chris Brown... and some other people

It’s not uncommon to ring in the new year with a little bit of bubbly. A lot of people do it. These people are also encouraged, however, not to drive while they’re intoxicated.

Bow Wow didn’t seem to care.

While partying in South Beach with Chris Brown (who’s probably not the best influence), Bow Wow got a little tipsy and then decided to drive the Lambo. Bad move… especially since he was Tweeting about it. Not only was he driving a Lamborghini while intoxicated, but he was Tweeting at the same time. There are some occasions where multi-tasking isn’t a good thing.

Anyway, here’s what he said on his Twitter:

Face numb im whippin the lambo. Tispy as f*k. Just left @livmiami.

But that’s not all! Bow Wow later added:

Im f**ked up!!! Ohhhh damn. Y i drive the lambo. Chris might have to drive after next spot.

I’m not going to critique his incorrect spelling and grammar… we know he was drunk. But there’s no need to drive drunk, let alone TWEET about it. I swear, Twitter is going to be the death of our generation… even though I’m a devout Twitter user myself. But that’s besides the point.

But let’s not forget about Chris Brown here. According to Bow Wow’s second Tweet, it’s apparent that Chris was in the whip as well. I’m not sure what Chris was saying to Shad (in case you didn’t know, Bow Wow’s real name is Shad Moss… and just for humorous purposes, I’m going to refer to him as Shad from here on out), but I think Chris should have been a little more adamant on Shad not whipping the Lambo. But we all know the kind of crazy cat that Chris is.

Shad eventually removed those Tweets and apologized to his fans… on Twitter, of course. He wrote:

Apologize for that tweet. it was stupid and immature. not a way i want to kick my #2010 year off. i got too much good stuff lined up. my bad

*shakes head* Get it together, Shad.


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  1. R. Hicks says:

    I suddenly like Twitter…it can ruin worthless artists careers!!!!!

    … no wait, still hate twitter.

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