Lupe Fiasco action figure???

The title pretty much speaks for itself.

Apparently, according to this post over at HYPEBEAST, Japanese Cartoon (a three-man band featuring Lupe, Graham Burris, and Le Messie of FALSE) put out this vinyl figure pictured above.

As much as I love Lupe, I can’t see myself buying an action figure of the guy. I hope they don’t really try to start selling these things… probably not the best marketing move…


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One Response to Lupe Fiasco action figure???

  1. Nersh says:

    Haha! Anything to make money, I guess…but who knows, maybe it will be worth some $ in the future/it’ll start a trend of artist dolls…er “action figures”. I don’t know, I think having an action figure of myself would kind of creep me out…

    In the end, it all depends on the accessories he comes with! lol

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