Mixtape: Mickey Factz – The Dark Phoenix ALPHA

New project from Mickey Factz! I’ve posted a song or two of his on the blog before but I have a strong feeling most are still unfamiliar with Mr. Factz. However, now is not the time for clarification…on my part at least. What you should know is that he released a new mixtape, The Dark Phoenix ALPHA, on 1.1.10 via his website. Mickey is definitely one of the less appreciated hip hop newcomers and hasn’t received recognition like Drake, Wale, Kid Cudi, & J. Cole…if anything he falls just behind B.o.B. as a second tier as guy who couldn’t take-off in 2009; the aforementioned artists have all either released or are composing their 1st studio albums now. What has not been recognized is that despite his lack of popularity when compared to Wale or Cudi, Mickey Factz is right there with them with the creativity, lyrics and music…I listened to him more than Drake & Wale in early 2009 but again he still hasn’t gained that prominence in the game…pretty much the big players (i.e. a Kanye, Weezy, or Hova) hasn’t co-signed for Factz. Hopefully his fortunes change in 2010!

Mickey Factz – The Dark Phoenix ALPHA (Download here)

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3 Responses to Mixtape: Mickey Factz – The Dark Phoenix ALPHA

  1. D. Hud says:

    WOW… that’s all I have to say…

  2. Rev.R says:

    And even more surprising…he got a track from DotDaGenius also-known-as the guy who produced Day N Nite for Kid Cudi. The track was called “Who’s Hotter”

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