Teddy Riley needs help…

Taja & Teddy Riley

Just saw this over at TheYBF.com…

Reports broke earlier today that Blackstreet singer and megaproducer Teddy Riley beat up his 18 year old daughter Taja Riley and her sister with a Rock Band game guitar. Taja was just granted a restraining order against her father. But what’s more shocking is the Tweet Teddy put out today.

And the tweet from Teddy:

you are so right. i did it for a reason, and i would do it again for them to get it. don’t disrespect the hand that feeds you.

Okay. It doesn’t matter whatsoever what Taja and her sister did. There is absolutely NO excuse for a father to beat his kids with a guitar… let alone try to justify it. That’s one of the most ridiculous and retarded things I’ve ever heard. Taja also claimed that Teddy picked up the guitar and said that he would kill her and her sister with it. So not only is he disciplining abusing them, but he’s threatening to kill them? Come on now.

As of right now, Teddy has a restraining order against him, stating that he has to stay at least 100 yards away from Taja. That should be the smallest of his punishments, though… this whole thing is just completely unexcusable.


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