LW*: Snapshot- Conversations with a Brit

(Standing infront of Michelle Obama’s portrait in the First Ladies Exhibit at the National Museum of American History. The room is crowded. Please ensure that you give “Bestie” a thoroughly posh , polite British accent when imagining the conversation.**)

Bestie: Americans are really into Michelle Obama.

Me: Sure… I’d say we are. I am.

(We take photos with the portrait)

Me: It’s not like with Tony Blair’s wife…um…

Bestie: …Cherie Blair

Me: Yeah, that’s her name. It’s so weird how the Brits didn’t like her.

Bestie: Yeah. They really didn’t.

Me: I didn’t get it

Bestie: Well, a big things was that she was his “hold-your-coat-merchant”.

Me: Ok… you can’t go all British on me. Translate

Bestie: It’s like someone who is always like, how do I say it… she is like a yes woman, when it comes to him…um… she is like his…bitch. (British accent is very important here).

Me: Wow, really? I never got that. Wasn’t she a lawyer, and working mother, and kind of a rogue who did whatever she wanted and….

Bestie: …and she was butterz.

Me: Huh?

Bestie: She was butterz…

Me: What? (it was noisy in there)

Bestie: (Louder) Butterz

Me: Butters?

Bestie: Yeah.

Me: Ok, I could have gotten hold-your-coat-whatever…but you are really going to have to explain butterz?

Bestie: You know…like ugly. Like “OMG, he is so butterz! What the heck?”

Me: (Laughs)


Stay tuned for more Snapshots and British Lingo all through the week

*London Week

**Conversation taken from memory

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2 Responses to LW*: Snapshot- Conversations with a Brit

  1. D. Hud says:

    LMAO… I’m tempted to start using “butterz” in my everyday vocabulary… I love London Week!

  2. pr0go says:

    I have. I am using it all over the place. You won’t be able to understand me once school starts. Accent and all.

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