Green Tea and stuff

One of the many traditions that the Brits left behind, after the independence of most of their empire, was tea. Indian tea, Chai tea (Chai=tea is Swahili, hence, Tea tea), Ginger tea ; these are all varieties of tea developed from the colonies. “Tea-time” is a significant part of daily life for many of these countries, including in my household. My bestie, however, takes the cake. She is obsessed with Green Tea. And she has given me all the benefits of it, ESPECIALLY the fact that it cleanses your body.

I’m about to go all existential on you: sometimes, especially during holidays, you need time to cleanse your system from the past semester. I was using a similar idea with my life. The past few days, I have been using the Green Tea detoxing method with my life. No emails, or internet. Just family and friends. Sorry I’ve been away. I feel great. You should try green tea in your life too sometime soon…unless you are a switch.member.

Oh…I’ll start London Week today. lmao

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