In the Studio: Big Sean x Pharrell x Charles Hamilton

This is a real cool piece right here, nothing incredibly special but I can appreciate when artists decide to take 5 minutes out of their studio time to talk about what’s going on with their work. Truthfully its almost a requirement for these new artists on the rise because the fans are so into the internet and its such a large immense venue for communication and connection. Real talk what got me to watch this video is that I’ve been listening to more of Big Sean’s music recently to see who he is as an artist and also because Pharrell has said a lot of good things about dude and now they’ve got a track called “Donald Trump” in the works. For those of you that don’t know Sean’s story…in short he was listening to the radio one day, heard Kanye West was at a station, met Kanye outside and spit about 100 bars to Mr. West…from there Kanye decided this was a kid he needed on the roster.

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