Lil’ Wayne – “Rebirth” Commercial / Review / Tracklist

On February 1, 2010 (at least that’s the last date I heard), Lil’ Wayne will be releasing his highly anticipated rock album, Rebirth. I just saw the commercial for it, which you all can check out here at illRoots.

And, due to an unfortunate slip-up by, the entire album already leaked to the Internet. So, of course, I had to download it and check it out. 63 minutes later… I’m mad at myself for wasting the last 63 minutes of my life.

Quick review / tracklist after the jump…

I love it when artists try something different. A little bit outside the box. Take, for example, Kanye’s 808s & Heartbreak. It was a huge change from Kanye’s previous three albums, but personally, I loved every track of 808s. The difference between Kanye’s 808s and Wayne’s Rebirth, however, is that one was made by a rapper AND producer (Kanye) who knows what good music sounds like; the other is being made by a rapper (Wayne) whose only creativity comes with his wordplay. As a result, Rebirth comes off as a terrible excuse for music.

Wayne has amazing creativity with words, but anyone who’s listened to the man talk or rap knows that his voice is terrible. As a result, he should NEVER try to make an album that puts more emphasis on actual music and vocals than lyrics. Unfortunately for the rest of us, he did. And somehow, he convinced his label into releasing the finished product to the general public. Ugh.

Anyway, here’s the tracklist for the album, in case you still want to check it out (although I don’t know why you would):

  1. American Star (feat. Shanell)
  2. Prom Queen (feat. Shanell)
  3. Ground Zero
  4. Da Da Da
  5. Paradice
  6. Get a Life
  7. On Fire
  8. Drop the World (feat. Eminem)
  9. Runnin’ (feat. Shanell)
  10. One Way Trip (feat. Kevin Rudolf)
  11. Knockout (feat. Nicki Minaj)
  12. The Price Is Wrong
  13. Die for You [Bonus Track]
  14. I’m So Over You (feat. Shanell) [Bonus Track]
  15. Revolver (feat. Madonna) [Bonus Track]
  16. Hot Revolver (feat. Kevin Rudolf) [Extended] [Bonus Track]

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