Lil Wayne – Drop The World (featuring Eminem)

New music from Lil Wayne’s upcoming album Rebirth. I’m not a fan of the project because of the sound, its terrible…Wayne + Auto-Tune + Unecessary Guitars = FAIL.

This new track might be an exception thanks to the first ever Lil Wayne track featuring Eminem. According to Wayne “Drop The World” is his first true collaboration with  “Forever” was just a favor; think of it like a DJ Khaled track, artists get on it because of everyone else on the track. Back to the matter at hand, Eminem comes through and pulls a Renegade on Weezy. If you need more explanation artist A, being Lil Wayne, gets outperformed on his own track by artist B the feature artist, Eminem. So like my man iRock said…just fast forward to 2:10 in the track because that’s the only point that matters, listen below.
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2 Responses to Lil Wayne – Drop The World (featuring Eminem)

  1. Joshua Adams says:

    i know it might be controversial, but anyone needs more proof that Em is the sickest, this ends all debates

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