Aww man, I expect that the masses are familiar with Tiger Wood’s recent issues and if not…Tiger got into a suspicious car accident a few days ago which then triggered a slew of stories about Tiger having an a few affair(s).  Mr. Woods must have forgot that he is a popular athlete, sports icon, and one of the most famous men in the world. As such the chance of him having an affair that no one finds out about is a -99.9% chance. Beyond that point, he hasn’t been handling his business very discreetly and is in panic mode; there are several tapes of voice-mails between Tiger and his mistress(es) in which he clearly identifies himself and they are so obnoxious/hilarious. Anyways a switch.favorite, Affion Crockett, has released…THE TIGER TAPES. Enjoy!

The Tiger Tapes (Part 1)

The Tiger Tapes (Part 2)

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