What’s Beef?! Beanie Sigel vs Jay-Z

My dude Ryan told me about this blog called, ill doctrine, the host Jay Smooth runs a series of video blogs off of the site. I like this video in particular because Smooth makes some funny commentary on the new beef between Beanie Sigel and Jay-Z…I’m not totally surprised that this has happened but at this point most of Hov’s old apprentices pawns have moved on to make a career for themselves. Young Chris is working on a comeback, Freeway supposedly has his own label, and Peedi is still crazy…so why can’t Beans just move on?!

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One Response to What’s Beef?! Beanie Sigel vs Jay-Z

  1. R. Hicks says:

    good looks on the shot-out!

    “please jay, just throw us some pity beef…even if your heart isn’t in it”.

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