Mr. Chi City presents…YouTube Exposed

I have not gotten around to watching this video yet but, I’m willing to give Mr. Chi City a pass because he keeps it real. If you’ve been following us closely you know switch.crew follows & supports Mr. Chi City’s work and a few videos back he said he was dropping this video on “YouTube Exposed.”

So days later I’ve finally watched this video from Mr. Chi City and wow this joint is real. Chi breaks down the way YouTube works behind the scenes for those users who are really trying to make a market for themselves on the website. What Chi is pointing out in this video is that just like all other mass market venues for people to consume pop-culture, there are limits on the perceived freedom that users have.

I hereby state that YouTube is in violation of Acts 4 & 5 of the L.A.S.E.R.S Manifesto. Chi City’s full WRITTEN commentary can be found below.

Well after 7 weeks of research, I finally completed the video. I was actually surprised at how public alot of this information was. And why no one really spoke on it.

This video is not to hate or cast a disparaging light on the people who follow all the youtube suggestions/rules in order to increase there ad-revenue.

i just find it funny that they dont have suggestions on how to make a better video.

Or how to make a video that wil change lives.
Nope, only the lil things you can do to get more money. i will never hate on anyone gettin there cash. I just want the viewers to be more aware of what you are watching. And why the majority of small and large youtubers do what they do in there videos.

When I say youtube is dying, I am speaking of the lack of creativity. Everyone seems to be doing the same thing. I was shocked and surprised to see that so little people actually post videos that make you go….”DAMN, that really made me re-think how Im living.”

Im not saying that every video U do, must be life altering. But everyonce in a while; make something that will change peoples perspective on life or how they operate and things of that nature.

This video was also my way of tryin to get the word out that the way youtube is operating, isnt bringing in the money they thought. You can read plenty of stories of how this site makes no money. Well maybe its time to change it up.

There are plenty of people who have less than 20,000 views who are good, that dont get any attention. I feel if more people were included the site would be racking in the dough.

I acknowledge that I do get video features, and I have seen success, on and way from youtube. but my situation is EXTREMELY rare. i dont really follow the suggestions of youtube, and have done pretty well for myself. But the reality is, that if you dont follow there suggestions you might not be able to have a chance to do well here. And I just find that slightly wrong

One day I will post a video, of how much money partners get, and how there is actually more money away from youtube, than actually on it.

At the end of the day, the facts are out there. Im not hiding behind anything. i can say, I read alot of materials..and came to my own conclusion on what was really being said.
This video is just my opinion~1

Real TALK.


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