Sade’s New Album!

Oh Gosh!!!

Sade Sade Sade!!!

Where to even begin? I just found out that the band Sade is releasing their first album in a decade. Sony released a statement yesterday that their new album, titled “Soldier of Love” will be released worldwide 8 February 2010… six days before Valentine’s Day. That is actually a very strategic move on their part.

Now Sade is not for everyone, esp. those our age, but you can at least recognize their 25 year career, with hits like “Smooth Operator”, and “Your Love is King”. And I am loving how Sade Adu, has her 50 year-old sexy back, on display as the album’s cover art. Loves.

Please, please, please tell me there are others of you out there, in the switch.universe, that are as excited as I am.

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2 Responses to Sade’s New Album!

  1. D. Hud says:

    I LOVE SADE… news of this new album, along with the new Lupe mixtape, is making this the best Thanksgiving day EVER

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