Things to be thankful for

If you have not yet already sped out of Charlottesville, it is just one more day until FREEDOM. When you do get to leave the ‘Ville, the switch.crew hopes that you get some much needed rest, enjoy family time, and the great food to come. Be thankful for much that has happened this year.

Here is what switch. is thankful for (each switch.member will add to this list):

1) The COUP– Extreme switch.supporters know about this place. With “high security access”, the COUP is the home-base for everything switch. does. With lack of any cell phone signal, it is a cocoon where switch. thrives during many of our all-nighters. It has held Us down when studying for exams, writing essays, working on the magazine, as well as hiding in Newcomb when waiting to buy Wale tix (ahem)

2) Black Moses– the official switch.vehicle captained by D.Hud, (w/ Obebe as the first lady). From switch.advertising, McDonald’s stops, ABC stops, road trips to NYC or ODU, Black Moses is both reliable and loyal.

3) Lupe Fiasco– he brings us all closer together. From the name of the magazine, to our two official road-trips, he is the common denominator

4) LIQUOR= inspiration (this one might be deleted in a few hours)

5) Rev.R for updating the as often as he does. The rest of us, namely me and AP (? I guess), have been slacking

6) The megaphone- Look in our archives for evidence of the megaphone at work. switch.advertising has never been the same

7) frediebou’s lasagna

8 ) Each other- There would be no switch. sans any of us. 🙂 We each work equally hard and contribute in our own unique way

9) And last but not least: OUR SUPPORTERS AND FANS. some of you are hardcore. You know who you are.

We appreciate and are thankful for all these things

Happy thanksgiving

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6 Responses to Things to be thankful for

  1. R. Hicks says:

    co-signs on all of them except 7…i haven’t had any so ehhh hmmm ya.

  2. D. Hud says:

    3a) Lupe Fiasco’s new mixtape, dropping on Thanksgiving, which he titled today, “Enemy of the State: A Love Story”… can’t wait!

    4) This shouldn’t be deleted… this may quite possibly be the best thing to be thankful for. In history. Aside from the birth, death and resurrection of Christ Jesus. And the 24-hour McDonald’s drive-thru. And “The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air.”

    9a) The UNDERSTANDING of our supporters and fans… who have stuck with us, even through the delay of the actual magazine… we promise you, it is coming VERY soon… just remember, you can’t put a timetable on perfection!

    • pr0go says:

      10) prOgo’s patience as the fellas discuss women in their “not so gentlemanly way”
      11) AP, D. Hud and Rev.R’s patience as pr0go discusses men (and Trey Songz) in “oh so unladylike manner”… the guys are bad influences

      • Rev.R says:

        2a) Black Moses and D. Hud keeping Rev.R, AP and friends alive through a traumatic experience with deer.

        5a) Rev.R for designing the crazy switch logo.

        6a) The Blueprint 3 for being switch theme music during advertising videos; “start filming pr0go!”

        12) D. Hud and pr0go acknowledging that NYC and NY Radio are > than VA.

  3. Joshua Adams says:

    praise God for 2 and 3

  4. killakells says:

    you guys are awesomeeee. let me get a spot on switch. i work hard lol 🙂 have a great break guysssss…&first lady.

    <3, ka.

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