HooVille Spotlight: Wale is coming to UVA (Part III)

If you thought it was not going to be a battle for these tickets, sadly you were wrong. On the morning that the Wale tickets go on sale 1/2 of the switch.crew + a few fans are here camped out waiting for these tickets. There is already a good 25 people in line and its only 4:27am as of this posting. Anyways enjoy and once I get this ticket its off to Spanish for a test.

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6 Responses to HooVille Spotlight: Wale is coming to UVA (Part III)

  1. killakells says:

    hahahahahah this is pretty sweet.

    Wale in the building.

    lets get it.

  2. D. Hud says:


    Ron: “switch. does not endorse that statement…”
    Ryan: “But Ryan Hicks does!”


  3. $.dale says:


    But hey I got my ticket so it’s ALL GOOD!

  4. pr0go says:

    i ❤ switch.

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