HooVille Spotlight: Don’t believe the hype…fourth-year fifth

President Casteen of the University of Virginia sent out an email this morning in regards to the upcoming home football games and the tradition foolishness that students have attached to them.  The fourth-year fifth has in the past occurred before the last home football game, fourth-year students consume a fifth of liquor to celebrate four years of terrible football; students are supposed to finish the fifth by kick-off time. And if you need more proof in the matter just look back to the case of Leslie Baltz in 2003, she participated in the fourth-year fifth and she died, recorded with a blood-alcohol content of 0.429 (legal driving limit is .08).

A fifth of 80-proof liquor (17 drinks) can kill you.  Seventeen drinks spaced evenly over six hours can result in a blood alcohol concentration (BAC) of 0.32 for a 160-pound man and 0.42 for a 130-pound woman. Most people lose consciousness at a BAC of more than 0.30, and a BAC of 0.40 or more is generally lethal.

Here’s the point…DON’T LIVE UP TO THE HYPE. This is clearly a case where tradition is an excuse for reckless behavior that can result in someone’s or even your own death. If the mentality behind the fourth-year fifth is to get drunk because our football team is no good why waste your time walking to Scott Stadium and more importantly why waste money on the liquor. The switch.crew believes in good fun but fun, should NOT bring you to a point where you risk death, we are all so young and have a future ahead of us after we graduate!

Instead participate in the 4th Year 5K! For the past eighteen years, the 4th Year 5K has been around to provide an alternative to the reckless drinking perpetuated by the “fourth year fifth.” Additionally the proceeds from the event will go to the Lezlie Baltz Foundation, a scholarship foundation established in memory of a former U.Va. student who died while engaging in high-risk drinking behavior.


Be safe, be responsible, have fun!


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One Response to HooVille Spotlight: Don’t believe the hype…fourth-year fifth

  1. Nersh says:

    THANK YOU. I have heard countless people talk about how excited they were for this tradition even before my first year at the University, which is ridiculous. Not only is it stupid, and dangerous, it also serves as a mark of ignominy on this institution. The 5K is a much safer, healthier alternative, although it shouldn’t have to be an alternative — the tradition shouldn’t exist, period. Continuously needing alcohol to have a good time, IMHO, marks a lack of creativity, and a certain level of intelligence, which is sad. That being said, everyone should come out to the 5K, it’s going to be great fun!!

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