HooVille Spotlight: Wale is coming to UVA!!!


My Name WALE and I came to Get It

On such a rainy, disgusting and dismal day a bright spot has shone through…Wale is coming to the University of Virginia on December 4th, 2009 according to, University Program’s Council’s PKG Concerts. The event is set to feature Wale and the g0-g0 band, UCB, at the Student Activities Building…still no word on ticket prices or event time but this is something everyone will want to attend so I’m checking the pkgconcerts.wordpress, uvaupc.com, and the Facebook event for information all week long.

Bonus tag, from switch.crew…below is a video of OkayplayerTV’s interview with Wale.


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  1. $.dale says:

    Yall know I was feelin the love to the drums he was givin in the beginning!

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