Erykah Badu speaks on succeeding in the Music Business

I came across this video as a part of a classroom discussion today…its been a long day so I can’t totally rehash the academics behind showing this video. But, what I can say is that Erykah Badu does speak the truth on how women generally succeed in the music business and specifically as hip hop artists. I couldn’t help but picture Nicki Minaj, Lil Kim, and Shawnna as the description of actions went on; needless to say I was laughing more-so because of the truth behind Ms Badu’s statement. Anyways check out the video and even if you can’t catch the deeper meaning I’m sure you will laugh about it.

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One Response to Erykah Badu speaks on succeeding in the Music Business

  1. Nersh says:

    The first thing I thought about while watching this was Lil Kim’s performance in Notorious, lol…but as always Erykah puts the real deal out there. I mean, we all know what those “models” in music videos are doing behind the scenes…

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