BYU vs. New Mexico Soccer Fight!

Browsing through YouTube and I saw this crazy fight between the girls of the BYU and New Mexico soccer team. These chicks get raw on the field and start kicking and punching…reckless.  After seeing some of these hits this was definitely no cat fight, #15 was going hard!

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2 Responses to BYU vs. New Mexico Soccer Fight!

  1. Frank Riley says:

    All I can say is WOW that is so hot!!! Is it assault, looks like they were all getting nasty with #15 and so she had enough and lashed out. Assualt? Hell yes it was and if girl sports were more like this I would not leave the match at all. Very exciting and amazing. I think we have to understand it looks like everyone there was playing dirty and I am sure we did not see all that went on, but then again you normally see the last punch in a fight and not what started it.

  2. pbmax57 says:

    I love her kick ass and take names later.My girl played in Phoenix
    for three years and I was amazed at what was allowed as regular
    play.I say don’t regret anything.It’s a shame She had to say
    anything to the media.She got knocked around herself.Does anyone
    remeber any team that would put up with the crap they laid on her.
    Remember Bill Lambier De Riot Pistons?

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