i <3 Nicki

I’ve been MIA due to exams and GREs (back next week), but I had to pop back out to post this.

Last night, the BET Hip Hop Awards aired. I didn’t watch the show, but I was browsing through channels when a segment of The Cypher was coming on. (FYI just in case: These are mini-segments interspersed throughout the show with different rappers freestyling for the cam). The one I caught happened to be one with Nicki Minaj, and I just found a clip. I haven’t listened to the other segments, (Eminem apparently was the best—let’s not get into him not making that MTV list), but I think Nicki killed her segment. She slayed Buckshot and Crown Royyal (and I respect Budden too much to say more). I love that her delivery had props (the ciggie), and just the level of theatrics that she throws in there. It adds pizzazz and always keeps her watchable…

…And now the fellas can discuss how sexy they think she is. Back to the books

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3 Responses to i <3 Nicki

  1. Joshua Adams says:

    i dont think i knew what swag was until i saw Nicki Minaj. It might be a front but…………….I like her front. And especially her back………….I need a moment

  2. D. Hud says:


  3. Rev.R says:

    I’m actually not gonna comment on how fine she is…too late. But she killed that freestyle much better than this other video where she freestyles with some clowns. I forget their names but clowns is an accurate description.

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