SIS I'mma let you finish but ISIS was the best system of ALL TIME!



For all of our readers who happen to be students at the University of Virginia you all should know by now that the 2010 Spring courses have been released. And on that same note you should know that its near impossible to know all the courses at your disposal for Spring of 2010.

On that note I’d like to thank  University Professor, Louis Bloomfield, for doing what the designers of the SIS should have done…make the system USER FRIENDLY.Professor Bloomfield, created his own system/catalog of classes out of his frustration when trying to advise students for their classes, pretty much he couldn’t give them sound advice because he couldn’t A)find courses and B) the courses he did find had no description. Here is the link to “Bloomfield’s COD”…

What I suggest doing with “Bloomfield’s COD” is scouting out the courses you want to take, write down the course acronyms and numbers and then run over to the SIS and look them up accordingly. Despite, the ease of use with this unofficial COD it is NOT LINKED TO THE SIS and is therefore limited in its total capabilities but is still VERY USEFUL.

Random facts; the College of Arts & Sciences will offer 4,124 classes, A-School 150, Comm School 132, Curry (Education) 384, E-School 492, Darden 97, Law School 222, Batten (Public Policy) 8, Med School 47, Nursing School 155, and then there are 71 first-year seminars and interdisciplinary courses offered by the University…thanks for these numbers Cav Daily.

Anything that pertains to students selecting our courses and planning our future at the University should not be complicated, difficult, or take time and studying…we do enough of that in our courses!

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