All is right in The World Series…The Yanks are back!


Now I’ll be quite frank on this one, for me the Yankee Hat is definitely more famous than a Yankee Game…only because I’m not an avid baseball fan and I don’t follow it often. I do support my team though and when I was a kid I was a Mets fan by association (my father was a Mets fan) and my boy George would probably kill me if he sees this statement, haha. But on to the news, the Yankees are finally back in the World Series and in baseball that’s the equivalent of the Boston Celtics and Los Angeles Lakers returning to the glory of the NBA Finals in the past 2 years. I can honestly say I’m excited and pr0go should feel honored that she received her Yankee hat in the year of our Renaissance…or perhaps she’s Lady Luck.

If only the Giants had got back on track this weekend too…all those false starts had me thinking back to the Giants of years past who were undisciplined at the line. And let’s not even get started on the Knicks…the life of a New York sports fan has many ups and downs (one of the explanations for our abrasiveness).

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