"Shooter, shooter, shooterrrrr…"


Lil Wayne

I thought of that track off Tha Carter II (“Shooter” – Lil’ Wayne feat. Robin Thicke) after I heard today that Lil’ Wayne just pleaded guilty to a gun charge (more specifically: second-degree attempted weapon possession, which is a felony). As a result, he’s expecting a 1-year jail sentence.

The gun charge comes from 2007, when police found a gun on his tour bus in Manhattan.

For the moment, though, he’s free on bail until his actual February sentencing.

On top of all of that, he’s still awaiting trial in Arizona on another gun charge, as well as drug possession. He pleaded not guilty for that case, but we’ll see what happens.

For more information, read the full story at MSNBC.com.

(Photo courtesy of Associated Press)


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  1. Rev.R says:

    Wow whoever the dude talking is should have got knocked out…he was reckless, lol.


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