WHAT!!!! Obama won a Nobel?!!

So, I’ve just pulled an all-nighter, (and you are probably still asleep), but the NY Times has just reported that Obama has won a Nobel Peace Prize for Diplomacy. The lack of sleep made me think I was hallucinating. It took everyone by surprise. Even the White House had no comment. They either a) hadn’t been prepped and were as shocked as we all are or b) are waiting to see the World’s reaction before they take action.

My question is… is it not a bit premature? As in, I definitely believe he’ll eventually win one but I am still a bit confused. I feel like this is going to cause extra confusion and turmoil for Obama. His poll numbers are dipping, and the Healthcare reform is like being in the trenches.  Will he even be able to enjoy the fact that he has won the prize with all the criticism and questions that this will ensue? Admittedly, he is a SUPERSTAR abroad, so I can sort of see where this is coming from.

For Mr. Obama, the award could, in a strange way, prove a political liability. As he traveled overseas during his campaign for the presidency, he was subjected to criticism from Republicans who argued he was too much the international celebrity. Winning the Nobel at such an early stage in his presidency could furtherthat kind of criticism, especially in Washington’s hyperpartisan political environment.

I predict a lot of jealousy too. Especially from well-seasoned leaders. Berlusconi up in Italy is still calling Obama “tanned” while Sarkozy in France is being overshadowed by Obama’s height (lol) and the fact that Michelle can compete with Carla Bruni on the fashion front.

And let’s not even get into what O’Reilly will have to say tonight.

What are your thoughts?

*I hope the post made sense. Too tired.  Happy Friday.

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