Nike + Michael Vick…

Recently, rumors swirled that Michael Vick had signed a new deal with Nike, the same company that dropped his endorsement after the whole dogfighting fiasco. Nike, however, stated very adamantly that no new deal had been signed, and Vick’s agent had to quickly refute all the rumors.

I think they were lying. And so does Dr. Boyce Watkins, contributor at theGrio. In his article, he has this to say:

The truth is that I don’t believe a single word of the Nike dismissal. Like the big egos in Beyonce’s song, Nike’s swoosh is “too big, too wide, too strong” for them to sit idly by as one of the greatest quarterbacks in the history of the NFL makes his return to the game. Nike executives have seen Vick grace the cover of Xbox games and sports magazines and often refer to him as the man who “revolutionized the quarterback position.” They know that Vick is not washed up, and that some of his best years may still be ahead of him.

But while Nike is open-minded to the possibility of a Michael Vick comeback, the company is also smart enough to know that they don’t need to financially wed Michael Vick right now. They’ve got enough money in their pockets to grab him as soon as he gets hot, and they also know that Vick will jump right into their arms, like a young woman caressing her boyfriend after waiting for him to return from the war. That’s the kind of lovin’ big money can buy.

Interesting perspective.

To read the rest of Dr. Watkins’ article, click here.


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