Muppet Sex

My dude Ryan put me on with this video…its simply hilarious. Nothing too raw, just good humor in this so don’t worry about the content…definitely not for kids though, haha.

Just ’cause I’m a Muppet doesn’t mean that I won’t hump you!

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5 Responses to Muppet Sex

  1. R. Hi says:

    Elmo just tapped that a**!!!

  2. die says:

    this is retarded rev.

  3. R. Hi says:

    please the rev has spoken!!

  4. Nersh says:

    I’d like to thank Switch and R.Hi for ruining my childhood. This video, although yes, quite amusing, makes me feel sad that Elmo (and my beloved yellow bird who is not a pigeon) has been sexploited!



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