U2 in the Ville


Unless you are sleeping under a rock (or in Clemons), you could not have missed the fact that one of the world’s greatest bands, U2, performed in our very own backyard. Buses stopped running… The traffic… The amount of people trekking towards Scott stadium. I did get rather worried on the bus this morning, when discussing U2, a passenger riding next me asked, “who’s U2?” It threw me off for a second, but at least she knew who Bono was. But just in case (I’m not going to make any assumptions) you can wiki the band.

People began lining up from the early hours in the morn for willcall and a good spot on the hill. By 8am, there was a pretty lengthy line of people standing in the cold.

The band had a ridiculous $40 million stage that made the occasion more intimate for the 55,000 people who attended the show. According to the Daily Progress:

Touring in support the band’s 12th studio album “No Line on the Horizon,” the Irish rockers played on a massive round stage beneath a colossal contraption called “the Claw.” The stage, designed to offer the crowd a view from any angle, looked a bit like one of those pincers that grabs stuffed animals inside vending machines at Big Lots. U2’s version, of course, was much, much bigger”

Apparently you could even see the show from the  hill outside the stadium, which a couple of students did. A show is a show, whether free or not.

I, unfortunately, missed the show, but the reviews thus far are good. If you went,  what was the show like?

source: daily progress; photo courtesy: daily progress

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  1. Desiree says:

    I’m a student who attended the concert from the hill in front of Fitzhugh b/c I’m not a big enough U2 fan to pay money. I enjoyed the atmosphere of the place since U2 is one of the biggest acts to come to UVa; however, my friends and I were a bit underwhelmed by U2’s ultimate performance. Perhaps they saved their best hits for last (and we didn’t stay till the end), BUT um yeah-I’m glad I didn’t pay my money.

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