Rev. R’s “Kicks Spotlight” (Part 2)

Today’s kicks are a pair of SB Dunk Lows, the “Nike SB Low Premium – Green Spark/Orange.” Your first impression might to think that this shoe has one too many colors (or the wrong colors). Never so for Nike because despite this shoe’s loud vibrant nature, all of the colors are complemented well in the stitching . The upper level of the shoe is stitched in purple to match the laces and the bottom of the shoe in yellow to match the sole.

Most people could pull off wearing these shoes around Halloween and for the bold ones for whom these shoes fall on the low end of an already crazy collection. Check out the picks and enjoy (sneakers available @ Flatspot).

dunk-mulit-low-3More pictures after the jump.




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  1. Joshua Adams says:

    u need to put shannon’s shoes on here. lol

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