Weezy turns 27!

Lil' Wayne's Birthday Celebration

So, yesterday was Dwayne Michael Carter, Jr.’s 27th birthday… and of course the man celebrated in style. Here’s a quick video highlighting some of the expensive features of Lil’ Wayne’s big day.

Two questions after watching the video, though:

  1. Who eats a cake with diamonds? Maybe Wayne really admires Dave Chappelle (see the “Cribs” skit from Chappelle’s Show) since Dave apparently sprinkles diamonds on everything he eats. Dave’s reasoning… well, it’s two-fold: 1. It’s the most balla sh*t you can do… 2. It makes your dookie twinkle. Ehh… I’ll just take his word for it.
  2. Is it really necessary to have a $1,000,000 Chopard watch on your wrist? I think Wayne’s taking the whole “A Milli” thing a little too far…

Either way… Happy Belated Birthday Weezy!


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