How 'bout Them Lakers!

I want me a Kardashian too!

I want a Kardashian too!

So, as the Lakers prep for the start of training camp, and a Championship repeat, there are quite a few…AHEM… distractions in the mix. [One of the switch.crew is an avid Lakers fan, so I’ll be nice.] The whirlwind romance and marriage of Lamar Odom and Khloe Kardashian, has provided quite a bit of fodder for the blogosphere, but Lakers coach Phil Jackson had something more to say. At a press conference on Friday, where he mainly discussed his contract possibilities, Jackson had this to say about Odom’s rush wedding:

“Well, we’re going to give him a real good honeymoon. That’s what I plan on doing,” Jackson joked. “He’s going to have a lot of fun right after his honeymoon. If his honeymoon lasts one night, he’s going to have a lot of fun after that. . . . I’m very supportive of Lamar and want everything in his world to go right for him.”

Note that training camp starts two days after the wedding, so if Jackson is a man of his word, the next few days will be quite…

Read more on Jackson’s season goals, his contract, and Lakers’ distractions in this LA Time article.

photo courtesy of LA Times

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