Jay-Z calls into Angie Martinez on HOT97

Much love to JP for this video link. Jay-Z called in to New York’s HOT97 radio this week and gave his feelings on the whole Lil Mama situation. I know its a dead issue and Lil Mama is dead with it but, I felt what she did was just as bad as what Kanye did. Its an award show for people to be honored and for viewers to see amazing performances…not a show in the park and not just your average concert. Whether it be the VMAs or the Grammys these performances are serious and the artists have to do a lot of work and preparation for it to come off smooth. With that said listen to the clip below…Lil Mama aside, Jay addresses the success of his 11th number one album and the crazy atmosphere at his show on 9/11 @ Madison Square Garden.

p.s. I was feeling annoyed still so I made an adjustment to the picture of Jay-Z, Alicia Keys and Lil Mama…check it out after the jump, haha.


Also in a post on the DrJays blog one user had a funny comment…too reckless.

When I seen her come on stage I first thought “wtf is bow wow doing”. But in all seriousness I guess the recession is hitting her a little hard so she needs all the shine she can get…

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3 Responses to Jay-Z calls into Angie Martinez on HOT97

  1. Joshua Adams says:

    lil mamas hair is really annoying

  2. R. Hi says:

    little mama,

    imma let you finish(since it can get worse), but Vanilla Ice had the most forgetful career of all time.

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