Charles Hamilton dropped!

I had high hopes for Charles Hamilton. I really did. But I wasn’t surprised when he was (finally) dropped by Interscope. In hearing the news, it made me think of the vlog that illdoc made way back in the summer. I went back and saw it again, and he was basically predicting all that has taken place with CH right now. The internet was the rise and fall of CH: from the beef with soulja boy to the public knock out. Also, his would-be album, “This Perfect Life” with Interscope was apparently shelved, but you can find it online somewhere. Check it out.

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3 Responses to Charles Hamilton dropped!

  1. Joshua Adams says:

    I used to really like charles hamilton. Like Pink Lavalamp, Well Isnt This Awkward, his older stuff was really good. But I dont know. he tries to sing on hook when he has one of the worst singing voices ever. Seriously tho, like im not tryna clown this man. I cant sing, I know i cant sing, but I know this, and i accept this. And his new music is just too weird, cuz his flow seems to always be a tad off beat. I dont know. I dont think imma listen to alot of his new music. That CD he was suppose to drop on interscope was incredibly bad

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