the next best thing since!

I’m not sure about all that now…but like Kanye’s rants it is hilarious and all so wrong. My dude IB put me on to this website I’mma Let You, and its pretty much an impromptu blog site with the sole purpose of spoofing Kanye West x Taylor Swift incident at the MTV Video Music Awards. My feelings are that the whole issue needs to go away for the sake of both artists. This site might be the cure death of it all because it just attacks Kanye so relentlessly. Take a look at it, get your laughs, get over it and don’t be the idiot talking about this for weeks on end because this is not that serious. Taylor Swift has her award and apology. Meanwhile, Kanye West has lost his dignity, been insulted by the President of the United States (can’t pull the race card this time), and has been humbled on Prime Time TV by Jay Leno! Enough is enough.


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