UVA student makes it into playboy


So a switch.reader, and avid playboy follower,  sent me an email with this info over the weekend. Apparently, one of  our very own wahoos had made it into this year’s Playboy’s “Girls of ACC issue” that hit stands this past Friday. Jenna Arianna (I already tried looking her up on facebook— no pic) is one of the lucky few in the ACC to have made the list. It appears that this past April, Playboy actually came to UVa to recruit. How did I miss that piece of information? The C-Ville Weekly wrote up about it here.

The last time we made the list was 2005. I’m mad about that because at UVa, we have some very attractive women. And why did we only get one girl on the list? Maryland had three, and GA Tech had two. No matter the “tournament”, I still have Wahoo Pride, I guess. I’ll assume that not many of us went to try-out for this “opportunity”. We like to keep things as PG as possible, so you can go search for the uncensored versions of this pic on your own.


I ended up having an argument with a bunch of friends about the fact that UVa is just a conservative school, and that you can’t really expect students to go hard for such a thing. One argued that GA Tech and Maryland are in/by cities, and hence have a different mentality and liberalism. My argument is that though we are in a conservative school, not all of us are from conservative places. How much does being at UVa, as opposed to back home, affect your behavior? Are you more conservative here?

I can only assume how the the men will feel about this, but ladies, would you go out  to the Playboy recruitment sessions? Or is this just something that black females at the school will not do? Hence, are we as black women too prudish at UVa? Or are we  too worried about what other people might think?

Lots of questions.

photos courtesy of bustedcoverage.com

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