Oh Kanye!


If nothing else, I was entertained with this year’s VMAs. What did not happen is the question? Twitter was blowing up. Facebook updates were on a high! The blogs will be entertaining to read tomorrow. Note the Henny in his hand on the red carpet. *Cue Jamie Fox*

UPDATE (12:39am) : He posted an apology on his website


What was your fave part of the show?

photo: bossip

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2 Responses to Oh Kanye!

  1. Joshua Adams says:

    wow. this man really needs to be humbled by somebody. like i know you when through alot, and you have haters still hatin on you til this day, but your rich, your one of the best artists alive, have the rawest white girl on EARTH, and none of this is gone change anytime soon. Yeezy……..grow the fuck up. Cuz this man knows good and well if somebody did that to him……………HOLY SHIT. he prolly would cursed they ass out on stage, or fought, even if it was a girl. You cant treat others wit the same lack of respect you say they show you. It doesnt work that way. All i gotta say is TAR ADOLESCENCE

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