Jay-Z x Alicia Keys x MTV VMA's 2009 (-) Lil Mama

This was the best performance of the night after the Michael Jackson tribute which was excellent and on another level. Jay-Z and Alicia Keys had incredible stage presence and they did it all with their talent as a rapper and a singer…not to mention they made everyone watching feel like they were in an Empire State of Mind (I’m sorry for those of you who aren’t from there). Anyways enjoy…and please someone explain what was Lil Mama doing on-stage at the end of the song and where did she come from?! (Look around 5:18-5:21 over Jay-Z’s right shoulder you will see her start to walk in from the pit.)

**At this point if you want to see any footage of the VMAs go to MTV.com**

And now as a switch.exclusive…I found someone’s video who was actually at the show last night! Watching this video you can see around 4:16-4:20 when Lil Mama walks on Alicia Keys was kind of surprised and Jay-Z even says something to Lil Mama over the mic. Kanye might have shown no class…but Lil Mama showed she was a retard.

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  1. pr0go says:

    Viacom don’t play! They snatched up that video QUICK!

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