iPod nano x video camera x fm radio

Photo Courtesy of Apple.com

Photo Courtesy of Apple.com

The new model of the iPod Nano was released in Fall 2008 and the best thing about the new model were the color choices and its compactness. On all other fronts it was pathetic when compared to the iPod Touch and iPod Classic…but it did the simple job of playing your music and fitting discretely in your pocket, purse, or other means of storage. Now everyone’s favorite trendy technology guru has a new version of the iPod Nano out and it now features a video camera, a built-in FM radio, and is now fitness friendly (thanks for the heads up on this Kelly). And now on to the minor updatesl; first is a new “Genius” feature that creates 12 “Genius Mixes” all based on your library and gives you some pre-made channels for your music collection. Another new minor addition is “VoiceOver,” and its purpose is to announce every song title and artist as you are listening to a song (I listened to a demo of the voice… its highly annoying). Lastly and probably least important is the “polished anodized aluminum finish” and to my eyes all that means is the Nano is shiny and has luster.

Photo Courtesy of Apple.com

Photo Courtesy of Apple.com

To me…everything above means only one thing and that is if you really want an iPod that can do the coolest things ever, get an iPhone or an iPod Touch because most of these upgrades will be integrated into the powerhouse models. In my opinion the buyers of the iPod Nano are usually willing to sacrifice the features of the Touch because of the Nano’s physical size an efficiency at carrying a reasonable number of songs but, absolutely not an entire library. Therefore I think these features are somewhat pointless unless Apple is trying to encourage more people to invest in the Nano, rightfully so these new features have done nothing to affect the Nano’s price of $149.99 (8GB) and $179.99 (16GB)…which could translates into worthless features?! Come on now Apple.

I’ll leave you to your own choice at this point people. For more info check out Apple’s website here.

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    2 Responses to iPod nano x video camera x fm radio

    1. Nersh says:

      They’re attractive, but that’s about it. I still think that the iPhone and iTouch are not good investments if you already had an iPod…sure the new nano have some cool features, but who doesn’t already have a ipod and camera these days? It’s a poor idea to compromise storage when you already have something that works. I’m still quite happy with my third generation, and won’t be shelling out any more money on this proprietary company…

    2. $.dale says:

      I think it goes both ways. If you have an iPod, there’s no real need for an Iphone or iTouch. but if you have an iPhone there’s no need for an iPod because there’s an iPod app that comes with your phone and goes everything an iPod would do. And with everything else the iPod 3GS does (which includes Voice Control just like that new iPod and video) this nano does nothing but give tech-heads a watered down iPhone to play with. FAIL

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