Deja Vu: College ACB


Did anyone pick up a copy of the Cavalier Daily today(09/08/09)? On the front page, they had an article on College ACB, a Juicy Campus-like website. For those of you who were not at UVa during the Juicy Campus blow-up, the now defunct site was advertised as a safe environment for college students to anonymously post uncensored gossip. It allowed anyone to post facts, whether true or not, which led to grim and personal accusations being made. Now a blog, Juicy Campus caused a stir within the black community, in Spring ‘o8, due to a particular post that exposed the alleged promiscuity of a list of girls in the black community. It was embarrassing and uncalled for. Though College ACB may seem exciting and new to the classes of 2012 and 2013, those who were in  ’08-’11 have personally seen the effects such a site can have on our community.

Recently on ACB, someone anonymously wrote a post named “Closet Gays” that questioned/exposed the sexuality of some members in the black community. I will only repeat the names of those on the list that were in the Cav Daily article. I only do this because I want to point out how they handled the situation:

Third-year College student Reginald Benbow said that even though he is openly gay, he took offense when he saw his name on the list last week. Moreover, he wondered why anyone would bother to post his name, noting that he is “out and open and it’s on Facebook.”
D’Won Walker, a third-year College student and a straight student on the list, also found the list offensive, but added that he did not take it too seriously, noting that the assertions were “silly.”

I respect how both gentlemen responded to the situation. They attacked it directly sans any extra drama nor did they choose to go respond on the post itself. The maturity handled by both Third-Years was exemplary and unlike what we’ve seen in the past from Juicy Campus. They were given a rare opportunity to respond in a public sphere, and they handled it professionally.

Another point: Oddly enough, though she has graduated, Krystal Commons  popped up a few times as I looked through the site. In one, it was being questioned how she got into Columbia University. I never really knew Krystal Commons, and I don’t know if she did get in. And if she did, Congratulations for living your life and doing you. Leave Krystal alone. As Kanye says, “Let her be great”. Krystal is gone y’all, let her be.

This anonymous posting is already old.  Some switch.members heard about if from the father’s of one of the crew members.If my colleague’s father is hearing about it, then it’s past due its expiry date. I predict the NY Times will be writing something on it soon, if not already, like this LA Times article. It is offensive, and breeds bitterness among us. Let’s just move on.

Check out the Cav Daily Article here

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