Man on the Moon: The End of the Day (Album Preview)

Standard Album Cover

Standard Album Cover

After a week that saw Jay-Z’s entire album (to be officially released on Sept 8th) leaked onto the internet I thought to myself, “What is KiD CuDi doing to keep his album from leaking?!”

Then I took another look…the album is out there in bits and pieces but I’m not going to give you directions to half of this album, just some previews. For those who haven’t been reading, Man on the Moon: The End of the Day(set to release on Tuesday, September 15th), is a hip hop concept in 5 acts. From the song titles and what I have heard off of the album Kid Cudi will be telling his story via the 5 acts in a semi-Lupe-Fiasco-esque fashion, meaning that the album has a storyline that carries through from the first to last track…with the potential of leaving fans with unanswered details and hype for the next album. But that’s enough of that…on to the tracks (which is what you REALLY care about)!

Support the artist buy the album! Album drops on 9/15

This first track I bring to you is “Soundtrack 2 My Life” (thanks to 2DB) and fans of Cudi’s music may recognize the opening verse. Its was once performed acapella on BET’s 106 & Park , right before Kanye spit his “Maybach Music 2” verse and stole all the shine.

The second track I’ll preview is “Enter Galactic (Love Connection Part 1)” (spotted @ HNHH) and this track is a new treat for you all, and I won’t preface, just listen and enjoy people.

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